An unprecedented campaign against Construction Branch Fatal accidents

Palestinian construction workers pose for a picture with WAC MAAN T shirts “I work safely” after a workshop

WAC MAAN continues to be a leading factor in a growing campaign against Construction Branch Fatal accidents in Israel. Taking into account that the number of workers who died in accidents in the year 2016 reached a pick of 48 workers (19.2 workers died per 100000 workers in the branch – almost 3 times higher than the OECD average).

Facing this harsh reality WAC MAAN works with its partners Kav Laoved and many others  to put pressure on the Government to change policies and allocate more resources to control and inspection of construction sites. We participate in the special Knesset Labour Committee on Safety issues and tirelessly with the press and leading legal and engineering experts to put forward legal and safety regulations that will change the situation for the better and save lives.

On the ground we built a new mechanism of communication with workers in order to encourage initiative on the site to demand workers rights and organize for better safety. WAC is leadign a project that focuses on the need to raise the level of consciousness of workers to their role in keeping themselves well in the job. In one of our recent  workshop for Arab workers in a construction site in Migdal Haemek  Palestinian workers from the WEst Bank and Arab workers from the Galilee discussed safety issues with Safety Expert Mohamad Jayussi and WAC leader Assaf Adiv. At the end of the workshop all workers posed for a picture with T-shirt of the campaign where it written “I am working safely”.

for more information on this see A coalition of social and workers groups puts safety on the table


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