WAC-MAAN signs a groundbreaking collective agreement for Palestinians at Mishor Adumim’s Zarfati garage

<p>For years, Palestinians toiling in the industrial zones of West Bank settlements have been subject to exploitation and denial of their rights. A collective agreement signed on February 14, 2017 proves that another way is possible. In this precedential step, the Zarfati Garage signed a collective agreement with WAC-MAAN which covers all 75 workers at the plant and compensates the Palestinians among them for the previous period, when their rights had been denied. </p>

Upon his return, negotiations were taken up again with assistance through arbitration. The resulting agreement is the first to be signed with Palestinian workers in the settlements of the West Bank. As such it sets a precedent which will no doubt be studied by other Palestinian workers who still labor under exploitative conditions in Area C.

Translation: Yonatan Preminger

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