Construction workers in Israel: A campaign against workplace accidents creates possibilities for change

<p>The recent public campaign against accidents within the construction industry has created new possibilities for change and for workers' empowerment.</p>

The Coalition’s campaign encompasses two aspects, which are central to every such struggle. First, it places the fate of Arab workers – a population which suffers institutional discrimination – firmly on the public agenda; the struggle for the lives and dignity of construction workers is also a struggle for equality and against racism. In addition, it is part of a much wider social struggle against the ugly face of capitalism, an attempt to place life and welfare before profit, to provide fair work for local people instead of importing cheap, powerless labourers, and to demand that the government as well as the industry’s large players take responsibility. The combination of a public campaign and grassroots action has the potential to push forward an agenda which affects each one of us, defending the worker’s right to life, secure employment, welfare, and dignity.

* Assaf Adiv is National Director of the WAC-MAAN trade union and is a central member of the Coalition against Accidents in the Construction Workplace.

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