International Women’s Day: Women Making Change

<p>An outstanding gathering organized by WAC-Maan and Sindyanna of the Galilee marked International Women’s Day at the Baqa Al-Gharbiyye community center on March 7, 2015.</p>

The younger generation had an important role in the event. Young poet Areej Abu Mokh read her piece calling on women to rise up against limitations on their status and rebel; the reading was accompanied by Amir Arou, an Abtiasma (“Smile”) Association member, on the oud. Rising young actor Sham Abu Mokh, with her monologue on the fate of a young divorced woman ostracized by her society, touched a deeply responsive chord in her audience.

Just before a final vocal performance by Maria Abu Wasel, certificates of appreciation were presented to the participating performers and to representatives of the organizations that participated in organizing the event.

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