Jerusalem Court to hear appeals of 3 Palestinian workers sacked by Zarfati Garage for union activism

<p>The conflict between WAC-MAAN and Zarfati Garage goes to the heart of the union’s right to represent Palestinian workers in Mishor Adumim, and to the heart of the rights of Palestinian workers there to organise.</p>

WAC-MAAN is represented in Labour Court by Adv. Aya Bartenstein, its legal adviser, and by Adv. Moran Savorai and Amir Basha of the Benni Cohen Law office, a leading firm in the field of labour relations. Adv. Michal Pomerantz represented Hatem Abu Ziadeh in the appeal that dealt with the question of the work permit and the police investigation against him.

WAC-MAAN faces a major challenge in this case. It believes that it is its duty to establish the rights of Palestinian workers in Settlement areas to organise and to receive union representation and legal protection in the same way as every other group of workers. It is also determined to prove its own right to represent workers as an important dynamic workers’ centre for both Jewish and Arab workers in Israel.

International solidarity:
A campaign of solidarity with Zarfati workers was initiated by WAC-MAAN in August 2014. As part of this campaign, 8,400 emails were sent to the Zarfati management and to legal institutions in Israel through the Labourstart network. The emails demanded the reinstatement of the dismissed union representative and the recognition of WAC-MAAN as representative of the workers. WAC-MAAN continues to request that unions around the world assist it in its struggle to give Palestinian workers in Settlement areas the right to organise without impediment.

For details:

Roni Ben Efrat – WAC-MAAN international office



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