East Jerusalem – A Socioeconomic Disaster:

<p>The National Insurance Institute and the Employment Bureau serve a government policy to push Palestinians beyond the wall and “enhance Israeli sovereignty”</p>
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Mr. Ziade later discovered that a refusal was logged for this interview, which caused his aid to be denied for two months. He submitted an appeal with WAC’s help to the EB Appeals Committee, which rejected it, referring to it as “random procedural claims.”

During this Committee discussion, Bureau clerk Mr. Yaacov Binashvili told a WAC representative present that 100% of the appeals submitted by East Jerusalemites in 2013 had been rejected. This confirms our impression, after handling many cases, that the Appeals Committee is not impartial, but rather serves as a rubber stamp for the EB’s decisions.

Currently, an appeal is being submitted to the Labour Court concerning the Appeals Committee decision in Mr. Ziade’s case.

3.2.7. EB referrals to fictitious jobs

According to many complaints reaching WAC, the EB refers employment seekers to fictitious jobs. In these cases, job seekers contact the employer they were referred to (often manpower agencies) only to learn that there are no openings. Employers often note that they did not ask the EB for workers.

Worse yet – WAC receives complaints from job seekers who have had a refusal logged after an employer they were referred to refused to meet with them (because, again, they needed no workers). In such a case, the worker is left with a referral form that has not been filled out by the employer, thus enabling the EB to claim that the claimant refused work. Alternatively, we have had cases in which the employer took the worker’s form, leaving them with nothing to present to the EB. WAC now works preventively in these cases, informing the EB in real-time when it happens – before a refusal is logged – demanding that the worker be referred to real work and that no refusal be logged.

3.3. Contact with the responsible authorities

Following a press release about the problematic conduct at the EJ branch of the NII, branch director Ms. Etti Raanan contacted WAC.

After a number of meetings and written exchanges with the director, we opened a direct channel of communication with her, regarding both the handling of concrete cases and the branch’s procedures. Recently Ms. Raanan admitted that the EJ branch had not implemented the procedure requiring that claimants be given a receipt for their claims and documents (a procedure implemented in all other branches in the country). She said that this was a severe problem to be solved. Nonetheless, in official correspondence, the position regarding the difference in procedures continues to be one of denial.

WAC is also in daily contact with the East Jerusalem Employment Bureau, and specifically with Bureau director Mr. Moshe Becker. Our real-time petitions to him have led to successful assistance for job seekers in general and for the women in particular. At the same time, the EB refuses to admit that this is a deep problem requiring changes of procedure. It refuses to acknowledge the obstacles that it systematically places to prevent employment seekers from receiving their benefits.

4. Summary

As illustrated by the examples presented above, not only do the NII and the EB fail to provide immediate relief to the poverty and hardship in EJ, but this failure seems to be intentional.

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