East Jerusalem – A Socioeconomic Disaster:

<p>The National Insurance Institute and the Employment Bureau serve a government policy to push Palestinians beyond the wall and “enhance Israeli sovereignty”</p>
<p> </p>

Only after WAC’s intervention, and after presenting the investigative documents produced by the NII itself, did the Institute recognize its error. On May 15, 2014, the NII gave notice of approving the claim – three months after its submission.

3.2.5 The Employment Bureau refuses to register women as job seekers without written NII confirmation of an Income Maintenance Claim – WAC assistance in real time

Example: Mr. and Mrs. Bilal went to the EB in May 2014. Mr. Bilal was registered with no difficulty, but Mrs. Bilal was surprised to discover that Bureau clerks refused to register her as a job seeker without written confirmation from the NII for an Income Maintenance claim.

Mrs. Bilal contacted WAC while at the Bureau. East Jerusalem EB director Mr. Moshe Becker claimed, in a conversation, with WAC that he did not believe Mrs. Bilal was interested in working, and so, although he agreed to our request to register her as a job seeker, he declared his intention to log a job refusal on her part, despite the fact that no job had been offered to her. The significance of logging a refusal is the denial of the right to an unemployment benefit. Only after WAC clarified to him that this decision did not meet the EB’s own procedural requirements did the director reverse his decision.

It should be noted that such cases occur often, especially in relation to women seeking to register as job seekers at the EB. Recently, while we were handling a similar case, a Bureau clerk clarified to us that the EB Director’s instructions dictated that women should not be registered as job seekers without an NII document confirming submission of a claim for Income Maintenance. These instructions blatantly contradict EB procedures, which require that a job seeker be registered even if they carry only an identity card.

3.2.6. EB carelessness while registering job seekers, leading to arbitrary logging of refusal, with the EB Appeals Committee functioning as a rubber stamp

Mr. Ra’ed Ziade began presenting himself at the EB to claim unemployment aid on July 23, 2012. When registering, he reported health problems. He was therefore summoned before a Medical Committee – but not until September 20.

At the end of the Committee discussion, he was informed orally that he would not be sent to hard physical labour, but Mr. Ziade never received a detailed Committee decision in writing, nor the Committee’s minutes. As it would later turn out, these documents were not even placed in Mr. Ziade’s personal file.

On February 10, 2014, Mr. Ziade was summoned for an interview at the EB and offered the possibility of a position as a merchandise sorter. In the job interview, Mr. Ziade noted his medical limitations, which prevent him from lifting heavy weights, and he asked the employer for work appropriate to these constraints. The Bureau clerk present at the interview burst out at him, claiming there was no note of medical problems and demanding that he present medical documents. When he promptly produced the documents, the Bureau clerk yelled at him that he was not allowed to present medical documents during the interview. Still yelling, he called Security to remove him from the room.

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