East Jerusalem – A Socioeconomic Disaster:

<p>The National Insurance Institute and the Employment Bureau serve a government policy to push Palestinians beyond the wall and “enhance Israeli sovereignty”</p>
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3.2.2. The NII refuses to accept documents

Example: On December 1, 2013, an EJ resident, Mrs. Shakirat, submitted a claim for Income Maintenance at the offices of the NII. She submitted, among other things, documents testifying that her husband was serving a prison sentence – documents exempting him from presenting himself at the EB.

The NII refused to provide a receipt of confirmation for these documents and later claimed they had never been submitted. Because Mrs. Shakirat had no proof that she had submitted them, she had to re-submit them, but again she received no receipt, and so on.

In July 2014, Mr. and Mrs. Shakirat discovered that their claim had been refused. The reason given was that Mr. Shakirat had not presented himself at the EB, despite the documents submitted many times exempting him from this requirement.

Only after WAC’s intervention did the NII confirm receipt of the documents. It approved the couple’s Income Maintenance stipend on June 25, 2014 – 7 months after submission.

3.2.3. Claims obstruction and abusive conduct toward claimants at the NII and refusal to receive claimants at the EB


Receiving the public at WAC’s office in EJ

Example: On March 2, 2014, Mrs. Najat Shaheen submitted a claim for Income Maintenance at the NII.

To her astonishment, the clerk at the desk tore up the claim before her eyes, together with the documents attached to it, claiming (falsely) that it was the wrong form, then threw the documents away and, it goes without saying, refused to provide a receipt.

A few days later Mr. and Mrs. Shaheen turned to the EB, where the clerks refused to deal with them or provide them with confirmation for presenting themselves, claiming that this would require a receipt confirming a claim at the NII.

In such instances, let it be noted, the institutions act against official procedures. The NII did so when refusing to accept the claim and provide confirmation, and the EB did so when it refused to deal with the claimants, saying that this required a receipt from the NII for the claim. In this way, these institutions proceed differently than their counterparts in Israel, complementing one another in causing denial of benefits. East Jerusalemites receive such treatment on a regular basis.

Only after WAC’s intervention did the NII agree to receive the claims forms and did the EB allow the Shaheens to register as job seekers. Recently their claim for aid was approved – five months after it was first submitted.

3.2.4. Claimants harassed with endless requirements to produce documents and information

Example: On Wednesday, January 26, 2014, Mr. ‘Adnan Jamal filed his claim for Income Maintenance.

The NII required from Mr. Jamal documents and photographs of three assets in the “Post Office neighborhood” – assets which, the Institute claimed, were owned by Mr. Jamal – so that it could be determined whether he has an income from these assets.

It should be noted that Mr. Jamal owns just one asset, not three, and that his asset is derelict. This fact was already known to the NII. It had recently sent an investigator on its behalf to conduct a thorough investigation, and it had even held a Labour Court discussion in the wake of this investigation, in which Mr. Jamal was ruled to be the owner of one room only.

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